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I’m over it. I don’t want to write this book any more. I really don’t. I’m so close to the end and the thought that I have to keep going back in and fixing this bit and that, is just too depressing.

You are nearly there, I keep telling myself — just a few more hours, days, weeks, is all you need, don’t give up now!

But I want to chuck in the towel. I want to put it in the drawer. let one of my descendants find it after I’m gone and say — oh, what a great pity…

Writing through illness and other obstacles.

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We hear a lot about how to deal with writer’s block and other obstacles, but what can you do when you are prevented from writing, either by illness, injury or other circumstances beyond your control? A while back just after I had settled into a lovely distraction free period of working on my memoir, I came down with a nasty case of shingles around my left eye. …

A new book by Richard Macready

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Richard Macready has spent a lifetime working in the law. Starting out as a solicitor in Sydney he became a Supreme Court judge and retiring at the age of 72, he returned to the bar to lead mediations.

But his other love, flying, spans an even longer period of time. He learned to fly a plane before he was old enough to legally drive a car and he didn’t hang up his flying goggles until the age of 78. …

Jacqueline Buswell’s new anthology travels far and wide.

photo by Michael Olsen, Unsplash.

Last year I was thrilled to be asked to write the back cover blurb for a new anthology of poems Sprinting on Quicksand (launched Nov 2020). It is my pleasure to share with you what I wrote( long version) plus a wee taster of the book.

Jacqueline Buswell’s latest poetry anthology confirms a best kept secret — that she is indeed one of our finest poets. …

A fail-safe way to dream up your new creative year!

Photo by Danielle MacInnes, Unsplash.

New Years’s resolutions, I fall for them every time.

Hoping to become a completely new person with all my bad habits banished for ever, by February, not only is my old self back, but I feel like a total failure.

This year I’m setting intentions instead.

An intention is way more fluid, it’s an aim or a plan, it has more flexibility, more room for give, and is thus more acheivable.

It doesn’t have judgement and failure attached. …

a memoir excerpt by Joy Dahl

Avalon Lobby, photo by Helloninja75

This piece was written by Joy during our Six Senses of Sefrou virtual journey to Morocco in July 2020.

Michelle Obama and I grew up in the same street on the South Side of Chicago. My family, the Siegel’s, lived at 8000 South Euclid and Michelle’s family, the Robinsons were in the 7600 block. Only four blocks from each other, yet separated by at least thirty years.

That the former first lady lived on Euclid Ave, blew my mind a few months ago when listening to her audiobook autobiography, I heard her refer to…

by Jacqueline Buswell

Sefrou medina, by Jess Stephens.

Walk down the blue and lilac corridor

walk through the arches

reach the passageway at the end

the light comes from the left near a brown door.

I open the door — I must have a reason to go inside

because why would I leave

this marvellous blue and lilac world

of arches and infinite possibilities?

But of course, we live, we travel

we don’t survive on the possible

we have to open the door, go through it!

My way into Morocco was through Spain and the Spanish language. The latter is full of Arabic words, the first that always…

by Lyn McGettigan

Photo by Jess Stephens

Aah, what beautiful embroidered slippers are these walking past — aqua, green, yellow threads, sparkling scattered beads. Befitting of the beautiful lady wearing them. She is a regular customer you know, and one of my favourites. Oh no, dusty ugly slippers again, filthy tattered sandals, shiny leather shoes, I don’t like all of you. Let me tell you the stories of these slippers.

Madame Beautiful Slippers. Come, buy, take me home again with you. Let me feel your sensuous lips as you sip your mint tea. Drink lots, let your lips linger. This sensation enslaves me, your…

Sefrou, 24 August, 2020, by Sallie Mason

Sefrou medina, closed for Friday prayers, photo by Jan Cornall.

Aldous Huxley: Words form the thread on which we string experiences.

Desert weary, we trudged towards the medina, across the River Gai. Splashes from the waterfall refreshed us after days under a relentless sun. Nearby, the ancient blue black, crumbling mosaic fountain frothed with pure clear water — we guzzled it down our parched throats. In the distance, the worn minaret stood sentinel, cranked into life by the sound of the old muezzin’s shrill call to prayer. …

A day in Plitvice Lakes Park, Croatia, by Rosemary Allison

Water so blue, silence so serene, steps in every direction and paths disappearing around curves, every corner revealing wonderful new sight. Who would have believed it? Our group has just driven one and half hours from Zagreb where we are staying in a fairly modern hotel close to the imposing Zagreb Railway Station. We have arrived at the place we are visiting today so we all tumble out delighted to be here. Just beyond the ticket box and entrance gate there is a detailed overview map showing the entire area…

Jan Cornall

Writer,traveler-leads international creativity retreats. Come write with me at

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